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The Elite Leadership Training Program is an individualized, continuously-improving leadership development program based on an individual’s innate qualities, personality and abilities that is practiced every day incorporating regular reflection and coaching. The leadership development approach used in this program is based on decades of research and follows the Elite Leadership Process™. It is designed to be learned once and adaptable to almost any situation the leader or potential leader may encounter, while also producing measurable results.

The program begins with personality and leadership assessments and continues with scheduled leadership coaching check-ins as well as regular leadership reassessments to chart participants’ leadership improvement progress. Receiving follow up coaching is critical to the leader’s ongoing success. Learn more about the complete program.

Course Objectives

  1. Compare and contrast the differences between professional leadership and other programs.
  2. Explain the 5-steps in the professional leadership process and how they interrelate to create better leaders.
  3. Construct a personal leadership plan based on an assessment of the individual’s innate qualities & abilities.
  4. Formulate a self-reflection plan that incorporates individual quiet-time and environment assessments.
  5. Identify current and potential mentors and coaches and plan for regular encounters.

Program Length: About 90 days which includes a 6-week guided-study course (with live sessions*) or 6-10 weeks expected completion for the self-study course (with recorded sessions). Also includes pre-course assessments, 1 post-course coaching session and leadership impact tracking.

* Live sessions will be recorded for those who can’t attend the scheduled time.

Program Audience: Any one interested in becoming a better leader. This course is not industry specific.

Instructor-Participant Ratio: Twenty-to-one for the Guided-Study course and unlimited for the Self-Study course. (Subject to change without notice)

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  • The Path to Elite Level Leadership Book (when published)
  • Elite Level Leadership Course Online Workbook (built through assignments in the course)
  • Personality and Leadership Assessments
  • Access to our Leadership Resource Library


  • Live: One post-class 1-on-1 sessions during the first 3 months after course completion via phone, Skype or other real-time interaction
  • E-mail: Unlimited, during coaching period
  • Additional coaching is available


Course Start Date:
Guided-Study (with live sessions) – Next Cohort 7/19/21
Self-Study (with recorded sessions) – Within 48 of purchase

Course Length:
Guided-Study – 6 weeks
Self-Study – work at your own pace with expected completion in 6 to 10 weeks


After enrollment you will receive an email within 48 hours with the following:

  • Your course access codes
  • Link to the personality assessment
  • Link to the Leadership Impact Survey
  • Access code to the Leadership Resource Library (3-month subscription)
  • A pdf of the first chapter of the book, “The Path to Elite Level Leadership” (your signed printed copy will arrive by mail). You will build your Elite Level Leadership Workbook through assignments created within the course.

Elite Leadership Guided-Study Online Silver Training Package: US$690. Next Course Start Date: July 19, 2021. Fifteen (15%) rebate for 3 or more from same organization or group. (3 student minimum).

Elite Leadership Self-Study Online Silver Training Package: US$490.

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 6-weeks for Guided Study, 6-10 weeks for Self-Study

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Instructor

Professor Bryan Bennett Professor Bryan Bennett Author

Professor Bryan Bennett has been an adjunct university professor since 2008. He has developed and taught analytics, leadership and marketing courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels, both online and in the classroom. In addition to teaching organizational leadership courses, he has mentored a number of students from healthcare, business, law enforcement, retail and hospitality industries. Professor Bennett is also a Certified Adjunct Faculty Educator by SoCAFE and a Certified Applying the Quality Matters Online Facilitator by Quality Matters.

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Module 1: The Nature of Leadership

Module 2: Assessing Leadership Capabilities

Module 3: Developing a Leadership Vision

Module 4: Living Your Leadership Vision

Module 5: Reflecting on Leadership

Module 6: Leadership Coaching & Mentoring