Leadership Academy Scholarships

Complete the application below to be considered for one of our full- or half-scholarships to the Academy for either the Guided-Study or Self-Study program. View the Course Preview for a detailed description.

Responses should be between 300 and 500 words and will be judged based on:

  • Completeness – Applicant provided a clear and concise response to the question asked.
  • Content – Applicant utilized relevant and accurate content with examples to complete the question asked.
  • Quality – The flow of response was easy to follow and included appropriate paragraph breaks as needed. The response also contained no typographical and/or grammar mistakes.

Awardees will be notified by email within a week. Once notified, you will have 48 hours to complete your registration before the scholarship is awarded to someone else.

Welcome to your Elite Leadership Academy Scholarship Application

Please answer the questions below to complete your application for the Professional Leadership Academy scholarship. Everyone must respond to the first essay question, then answer any 2 out of the 4 other questions. We recommend you type your answers in a word processing software and copy-and-paste them into the appropriate answer box.

Your Name: (required)
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Years of Work Experience: (required)

Which Professional Leadership Program are you interested in? (required)

Please answer the follow question in 300 to 500 words. Please expand the response area below as needed.

Please discuss how attending the Professional Leadership Academy would benefit you personally and/or professionally. (required)

Please answer any 2 of the following questions in 300 to 500 words. Please expand the response areas below as needed.

Please discuss a personal or professional leadership challenge you have faced in your life and how you overcame the challenge.

Please describe a relationship you have had with a mentor and what was the greatest lesson or advice you received from him or her.

Describe a situation when you had to work with a challenging co-worker or superior and how you overcame the challenge.

Please discuss what you believe will potentially make you a good leader in future and why.