Leadership Management Solutions

Elite Leadership Training
Our Elite Leadership training programs are:

  1. comprehensive and personalized to the individual’s unique qualities and capabilities;
  2. adaptable to almost any leadership encounter by providing participants with a clear leadership plan;
  3. proven effective with measurable results.

It’s designed to be ‘leadership for a lifetime’ because it’s the last general leadership program you should ever need. It is based on years of research, teaching and personal experience and is modeled after the way elite athletes, entertainers and other professionals refine their craft with a practice and improvement regimen.

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Leadership Resources Management Solution™
Leadership Resources Management Solution™ (LRMS) is our data-informed approach to strategically manage an organization’s leadership resources. It helps identify gaps in an individual leader’s practice of leadership, as well gaps in the perception of their leadership by their team (direct reports, peers and supervisor). It replaces subjective interviews, relationship-based promotions and selections with a quantifiable, repeatable and unbiased leadership management process.

Leadership IMPACT Assessment™
The Leadership IMPACT Assessment is the instrument we use to measure and monitor leadership progress. It was developed from the key concepts from the books, The Path to Elite Level Leadership and Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare. The assessment measures leadership behavior along 9 dimensions summarized into two categories: the Potential for Leadership and the Practice of Leadership. It can be used independently to support any leadership development program, as part of our Elite Leadership Training and is the engine that drives our LeadershipRMS™ platform.

Conference/Meeting Speaking
Professor Bennett is an engaging and witty speaker who challenges his audiences to think in different ways to reach better solutions. He brings his innovative approach to leadership development through engaging, entertaining and motivating presentations that are suitable to aspiring, new and experienced leaders from all industries. He has extensive teaching, research and leadership experience as indicated in his bio. He is the author of 3 books with 2 focused exclusively on leadership.