Are you tired of “feel good” leadership programs that leave you with no clear leadership improvement direction when they’re done?

Are you tired of “one-size-fits-all” approaches to leadership without any focus on the individual capabilities of the participants?

Are you tired of leadership programs that produce no measurable results?

We were too. That’s why we started the Elite Leadership AcademyTM. Our leadership training programs are:

  • comprehensive and personalized to the individual’s unique qualities and capabilities;
  • adaptable to almost any leadership encounter by providing participants with a clear leadership plan;
  • proven effective with measurable results.

It’s designed to be ‘leadership for a lifetime’ because it’s the last general leadership program you should ever need. It is based on years of research, teaching and personal experience and is modeled after the way elite athletes, entertainers and other professionals refine their craft with a practice and improvement regimen. This leadership development regimen is presented in the proprietary Elite Leadership ProcessTM and detailed in the books, The Path to Elite Level LeadershipTM and Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare.TM

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