Individual LeadershipRMS™

The Individual LeadershipRMS™ solution is an external focused analysis that examines the leader in relation to the overall general population average of all who have taken the assessment. Context is provided to the results by comparing them to the population average of all who have taken the assessment. The chart visualizes the gaps in the individual’s leadership practice by identifying the dimensions where they are above the population average and where they are below the population average. In this situation, Pat Smith is below the average on all but a couple dimension. This person should obviously work on the dimensions they are below the population average, but they shouldn’t neglect the dimensions they are above the average as they need to continue and improve on what they’re doing right in those areas.

Additionally, the tool can also be used to monitor leadership growth. Reassessments can be performed as frequent as every 3 months to determine where the individual is improving and where further improvement is needed.


  • Individual to population average
  • Individual to population average by level


  • Radar Chart Gap Assessments
  • Leadership Potential Score Analysis
  • Leadership Practice Score Analysis
  • Situational Awareness Score Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence Score Analysis
  • Areas for Improvement

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