Leadership Resources Management Solution (LeadershipRMS)

Are You Missing Something in Your Leadership Program?
You are if it doesn’t include a Leadership Resources Management Solution.

Welcome to the home of LeadershipRMSTM, our Leadership Resources Management Solution (LRMS). Leadership resources management is a data-informed approach to strategically manage an organization’s leadership resources. It helps identify gaps in an individual leader’s practice of leadership, as well gaps in the perception of their leadership by their team (direct reports, peers and supervisor). It replaces subjective interviews, relationship-based promotions and selections with a quantifiable, repeatable and unbiased leadership management process.

Leadership resources management is critical to an organization’s continued growth and success. It can be the difference between keeping or losing your best leaders, the difference between identifying or missing high potential hires, the difference between eliminating or maintaining a toxic work environment, and the difference between promoting people based on leadership potential or based on prior functional success. Each of these could have dire consequences for an organization.

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.”
– W. Edwards Deming, Data Scientist

“Without leadership data your progress is just a person’s opinion.”
– J. Bryan Bennett, Leadership Innovator

The impact of using LeadershipRMSTM in your organization can be far-reaching, including:

  • Identifying gaps in an individual’s practice of leadership compared to a population average, to others at their organization level or a perception gap between how the leader views their leadership versus how their team perceives them
  • Quantifiably identifying an organization’s best leaders with accompanying strategies for better retention
  • Removing or minimizing bias in your leadership selection, promotion and hiring processes
  • Better management of the human resources pipeline of prospective leaders
  • Improving diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives by providing a quantifiable means to providing equal access
  • Quantifying a return on investment for leadership development programs

LeadershipRMSTM is powered by the proprietary Leadership IMPACT Assessment, a multi-discipline, behavior-based tool that assess an individual’s potential for and practice of leadership. LeadershipRMSTM goes beyond measuring leadership to provide a solution for managing a team or organization’s entire leadership resources.

Organizations spend considerable resources on leadership development programs, but little, if any, on actively managing the leadership resources they’ve trained.

Discover more about the different solutions:

Identify and Retain Best Leaders. Identifying the best leaders in an organization is the most important outcome of leadership resources management. It should be a priority of every organization to retain their best leaders, just like it should be a priority to retain their best customers. This is not an area that should be left up to opinions from interviews, which could include a number of biases. It requires a repeatable, unbiased instrument that will produce consistent results. Questions to be answered should include:

  • What is the leader’s potential for leadership?
  • How well does the leader practice leadership?
  • Is the leader situationally aware?
  • Is the leader emotionally intelligent?

LeadershipRMSTM not only provides an assessment of the leader on various dimensions, but it also compares their performance to our general population database to provide context to the results because analysis without context provides minimum value. For instance, it is tempting to believe that a person with a good score could be or become a great leader. They could be, but when they are compared to others, they might only be an average leader. Once the best leaders are segmented and ranked, the organization should implement programs to engage, promote and retain them. This is especially important now during the ‘great migration.’ Organizations should do everything they can to retain their best leaders before they are ready to leave. This is something LeadershipRMS helps facilitate.

Identify and Attract High Potential Leaders. With an unbiased and quantifiable assessment of the best leaders in your organization, this information can be applied in the assessment of new hires. Once hired, they can be given the same assessment to determine if the interview assessment matches the instrument’s results, which could lead to a different interviewing process or questions to better glean these insights. Once an organization has a full understanding of the leadership attributes most important to their environment, they can search for people in the hiring pool who possess those same or similar attributes.

Identify the Best Leader for New Opportunities. Similarly, once a leader’s abilities have been assessed, this information can be used to better match leaders with future opportunities. This improves the human resources pipeline for an organization. For instance, if a project or role requires someone with a lot of vision or risk-taking, an organization can explore their pool of leaders to find someone who best matches the needs of the position.

The applications of LeadershipRMSTM are numerous, including:

  • Organizations can utilize it to supplement any leadership development program to assess individuals, team dynamics and organization level performance. DEI initiatives also benefit from the use of a quantifiable and unbiased tool to better identify candidates for hiring, promotions, assignments and resource allocations.
  • Executive and career coaches can utilize it to identify specific areas for their clients to work on to become better leaders.
  • Recruiters could utilize it to provide an added edge to make their candidates stand out from the rest being submitted.
  • Management consultants can utilize it to gain a better understanding of the client leadership team’s capabilities. Change management, project management and six sigma initiatives all consider effective leadership a critical success factor.
  • Private Equity Investors could even utilize it to assess the strength of the leadership team at the organization they are investing in.

Now, more than ever, effective leadership is needed throughout all institutions. The means of providing unbiased, quantifiable and repeatable assessments of leaders is available and should be embraced by all organizations. LeadershipRMSTM has significant value and can provide that leadership management support.

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