Leadership Program Feedback

Here is some of the overall leadership program feedback received from
the courses, workshops and seminars we’ve conducted.

“I’ve trained in the military academy and have had several corporate leadership courses. This is the most comprehensive leadership vision I have seen.”

“Great topic. Leadership is the #1 issue.”

“Very useful presentation which will help me in directing the ACO which I am part of as President and Medical Director.”

“Very insightful and great presentations. Thank you for forcing me to consider leadership. I will re-evaluate my current leadership skills both current and where I want to be.”

“The instructor did well by illustrating the concepts behind the material.”

“The content is thought-provoking. It would help you stay in line if you are in a leadership role.”

“The pace of the training was well thought out and executed. I liked the emphasis on the mentor/mentee relationship.”

“Good connection to the concepts with real life situations and illustrations. It was practical but challenged me as well.”

“Presentation slides were clear and easy to understand. Good illustrations. Used humor to connect with audience. There are many useful tips to help improve upcoming leaders.”

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