Competing on Healthcare Analytics

Competing on Healthcare Analytics:
The Foundational Approach to Population Health Analytics

The rate of change in the healthcare industry has been staggering. From Electronic Health Records to ICD-10 to Population Health, few industries have undergone such change in such a short amount of time. The silver lining is the treasure trove of digital data, which will enable providers to analyze and compare information across thousands of patients instead of relying on the anecdotal evidence they previously used.

To access this knowledge, organizations are turning to analytics. Unfortunately, many organizations are rushing to implement any type of healthcare analytics program without consideration of the steps that must take place to build an effective, long-term analytics solution.

Competing on Healthcare Analytics is a practical guide to implementing population health analytics containing over 100 pages of advice along with over 30 full-color diagrams. The book makes a clear argument for how an analytics initiative should be implemented using Professor Bennett’s foundational approach and identifies the most critical success factors. Healthcare organizations should re-access their approach to implementing population health analytics after reading this book.

Table of Contents

The book includes:

  • A detailed healthcare transformation model which tracks the progression of analytics to become an “Analytics Focused” healthcare organization;
  • A discussion of the value of using the foundational approach;
  • Research studies performed with healthcare organization participants supporting the approach;
  • A healthcare organization readiness assessment;
  • An implementation roadmap with critical success factors;
  • A discussion on what it takes to be a healthcare analytics competitor.

Professor Bennett has been presenting his approach to implementing population health analytics to audiences across the country to rave reviews since the summer of 2014. Now it is your turn to access this knowledge that has been honed through his work in healthcare as well as in other industries with clients such as Microsoft, BellSouth, Chase and many others.

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Review Highlights

“Competing in Healthcare Analytics” is an easy but important read on an intense subject – healthcare and population health. For all the intensity and complexities around healthcare, Bennett is able to condense it down into a novel that describes foundational strategies for healthcare organizations to be successful as the healthcare market continues to change. With visual graphics and a consistent flow, this book effectively highlights why the subject of population health will continue to grow in importance, and how organizations need to change from being data-driven, to data-enabled.

I would highly recommend this book for any professionals involved with/in healthcare hoping to gain a perspective on a potential strategic roadmap for population health initiatives and the projects around them.
Alex Chan, Senior Account Executive, Platform & Technologies, SAP

In “Competing on Healthcare Analytics,” Bryan Bennett makes a clear and compelling case for carefully implemented analytics within healthcare organizations. Bennett describes both the benefits and challenges of healthcare analytics, emphasizing the critical role of effective leadership. In a time of massive evolution within healthcare, this work is a must-read for members of the medical community and those looking to make a positive impact on the industry.
Patti Girardi, Chief Marketing Officer, Valet Living

Bennett’s review of Healthcare Analytics was a very straightforward and well thought out position of where Healthcare strategies are today and the direction they are likely to go. Further, it is apparent that establishing analytics within the Healthcare environment can only be good as the willingness of the organizational acceptance of its use and influence on future strategies. Bennett does well making the reader understand this crucial step in finding the critical success factors that will make analtyics useful in this organizational environment. Well worth the read.
Brian Holt, Vice President Operations, Sodexo

Professor Bennett provides a very succinct in articulating the benefits and hurdles of implementing effective analytics in the health care industry. This book is a great reference for anyone working in health care administration of students looking to expand their statistical and analytical knowledge base.
Chris Giorno, Principal, Cornucopia Computer Modeling System

Competing on Healthcare Analytics is a timely, thorough, quick & easy-to-read resource that covers all of the best practices and challenges of implementing an effective population health analytics program. Bennett’s book provides a solid foundation whereby administrators and healthcare professionals can launch a long-term analytics solution.
Sandra Robinson, Certified Pharmacy Technician, CVS Pharmacy

This is an excellent primer on the fundamentals of Healthcare analytics. It gives you a very easy to follow road map to follow to get started too. I recommend it to anyone starting out in the area of big data and Healthcare analytics

The author provides a good, high-level description of what needs to be considered to successfully implement an enterprise analytics program. Readers will definitely need to tap other resources for details on the topics he covers, but the book’s conciseness makes it a great continuous reference to ensure that all of the not-so-obviously (until reading the book) related aspects of a successful program deployment are covered.