Organization LeadershipRMS™

The Organization LeadershipRMSTM takes the concepts from the Team LeadershipRMSTM and applies it throughout the organization. In addition to examining leadership gaps between the Leader and their Peers and Direct Reports, the Organization LeadershipRMSTM identifies gaps across departments, across organization levels, across divisions and/or across locations.

Using our proprietary Leadership IMPACT Assessment tool, this solution analyzes the leader’s individual leadership perception in relation to their team, their department, their organization level, division, location, etc.

Once all of the organization’s leaders are assessed, they can be segmented into tiers based on their overall scores. The organization can then develop strategies to manage the Leaders in each tier. The number of tiers and cutoff points for each tier will vary by organization.


  • Individual to team
  • Individual to total organization
  • Individual to organization level
  • Individual to location
  • Organization level across company
  • Organization level to department
  • Organization level to location
  • Organization level to industry


  • Radar Chart Gap Assessment
  • Leader Tier Rankings / Position
  • Common characteristics of each tier
  • Suggested strategies to manage each tier
  • Leadership Potential Score Analysis
  • Leadership Practice Score Analysis
  • Situational Awareness Score Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence Score Analysis
  • Areas for Improvement

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