LeadershipRMS™ 360

LeadershipRMS™ 360 replaces traditional 360° Reviews with a leadership-focused, quantifiable tool with turnkey implementation and actionable feedback.

The challenge with 360° Reviews starts with selecting the right participants and goes all the way through to choosing the right method. They can be more involved than other types of review processes and require significant effort to implement. Gathering and summarizing text-based feedback from multiple sources can translate into a substantial time investment. People also tend to feel irritated or discouraged if their feedback isn’t used and acted upon.

LeadershipRMS 360Typical 360 Degree Review
Leadership Behavior FocusedBroad Performance Focused
Turnkey ImplementationComplicated Implementation
Produces Actionable FeedbackText-Based Feedback Not Always Actionable
Specific actionable information for organization to better utilize individualLimited Actionable Information for Organization
Broad Participant Population Minimizes RetributionLimited Participant Population Increases Retribution Possibility
Follow Up Coaching to Implement ResultsLimited or No Follow UP

Here are some articles that discuss the limitations of 3600 Review Feedback programs:

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