Elite Leadership Training Schedule

Elite Leadership is a process practiced every day by which a person directs and inspires a team to follow a vision or reach a goal that incorporate regular reflection and coaching.
– J. Bryan Bennett

Each package is designed to help leaders embrace a leadership improvement process that they can continue for a lifetime. The schedule is as follows:

Pre-CoursePersonality Assessment
Pre-CourseLeadership Impact Survey
2Leadership Coaching - Follow Up
3Leadership Impact Survey - RefreshEnd of Silver Package
4Leadership Coaching - Follow Up
5Leadership Resources Library - Ongoing Access
6Leadership Impact Survey - RefreshEnd of Gold Package
7Leadership Coaching - Follow Up
8Continued Leadership Growth
9Leadership Coaching - Follow Up
10Leadership Resources Library - Ongoing Access
11Leadership Impact Survey - Refresh
12Leadership Coaching – One-Year ReviewEnd of Platinum Package

Begin your leadership improvement journey with either of our online Elite Leadership Training Packages (silver, gold or platinum) in a self-study, self-paced format (with recorded lectures).

The program is also available with an onsite (2-day or 1-day accelerated) course.