Leadership IMPACT Assessment Results Analysis

The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of measuring leadership outcomes have been discussed in previous articles. Here, we examine some analysis from the data collected to date. This data is from people who have taken the assessment over the last 6 years during one of our onsite or online leadership training programs through January 31, 2022. These assessments are taken before the participant has taken one of our training programs. Please note that none of the leaders in my books are in this data.

In our Leadership Impact Assessment data, organization level is self-reported. The distribution in our current data is as follows:

  • C-Level 13%
  • Vice Presidents 11%
  • Directors 20%
  • Supervisors 11%
  • Managers 45%

Review the analysis from all the organization levels using the links below.

Results Categories
C-Level Executives | Vice Presidents | Directors | Supervisors & Managers