Library Catalog Descriptions

The library is cataloged by:

General Leadership, Profiles and Stories

  • General Leadership – contains topics of a broad leadership nature.
  • Leadership Stories – consist of stories about leaders and tips to become a better leader.

Leadership Process

  • Assessing Leadership – consist of content on assessing leadership abilities, personality and situations.
  • >> SUBTOPIC: Leadership Qualities – includes content on the innate and learned leadership qualities.
  • Leadership Visioning – examines the importance of having a leadership vision and how it impacts leadership.
  • Living Leadership – explores the various tools leaders use in their practice of leadership.
  • >> SUBTOPIC: Storytelling – looks at how and when leaders can use stories to enhance their effectiveness.
  • >> SUBTOPIC: Social Leadership – delves into how leaders increasingly use social media to deliver their leadership message.
  • Leadership Reflection – contains content on the importance of incorporating regular reflection in the practice of leadership.
  • Leadership Coaching & Mentoring – includes content on the whys and how-tos of having and being a mentor and coach.

Special Leadership Topics

  • Analytics Leadership – contains content related to leading or transitioning to an analytics-driven organization.
  • Leading with Diversity & Inclusion – explores the enhanced effectiveness of leaders who embrace diversity and inclusion.
  • Leading During a Crisis – contains content on the challenges of leading during a crisis situation, whether it be from an internal or external source.