Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare Book Reviews

“Bryan Bennett is one of those authors and leaders who is exceptionally inspiring to many of us every day. He is very gifted and persistent and visionary. In many ways his inspirational leadership and remarkable personal strengths remind me of certain other mentors and leaders I’ve had that have inspired me.  I highly recommend hearing Bryan speak and reading and following his leadership book. He is a remarkable person. The world needs more people like Bryan Bennett.”
Scott Becker, Publisher
Becker’s Hospital Review

“The book was an excellent read and provides pertinent and relevant approaches to some of the most challenging aspects of healthcare leadership.”
Johnese Spisso, President, UCLA Health & CEO, UCLA Hospital System, UCLA Health System

“In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare is an invaluable resource, full of practical advice and keen insights, for health care leaders at every stage of their professional journey.”
John Couris, President and CEO, Tampa General Hospital

“Professor Bennett has a thorough and compelling leadership process that he shares in Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare. The lessons and practices he shares will make us all better leaders and most importantly, will directly benefit those patients and families we serve.”
David Feinberg, Vice President, Google Health and former President and CEO
Geisinger Health

“Think of Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare as a road map necessary for unprecedented growth in the ambulatory surgery industry. This book is an essential tool for all leaders to help establish and develop a great culture. The qualities of a leader that Professor Bennett outlines (Humility, Empathy, Vision and Risk-Taking) are right in line with my own journey into a leadership position and most importantly holding it. Professor Bennett also explains that these qualities can’t be faked as there are many possible points of failure for a leader and an organization. He goes into great detail about the importance of a solid foundation, articulated goals and measured progress with deadlines necessary to achieve success. There are several new ways of thinking outlined in this book that I’m willing to risk trying.”
Lisa Rock, President, National Medical Billing Services

“Professor Bennett is a thoughtful, relevant, highly respected leader, professor, researcher, writer and teacher. This book is absolutely well worth the read! But don’t just read it; apply the excellent concepts and content to your work and life!”
Dan Nielsen, Founder, Publisher & CEO, America’s Healthcare Leaders

Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare is an inspiring and comprehensive read from Bryan Bennett. I recommend this book to anyone in a leadership position, as well as those aspiring to lead others. Reminding ourselves that leadership is a journey, and that we should all be constantly reflecting on our service to others are just some of the many lessons from this book. You can love being a leader, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to work at it – even the best leaders constantly reflect on how they can improve.”
Todd Nelson, Director, Partner Relationships and Chief Partnership Executive, Healthcare Financial Management Association

“This is one of the best and most powerful leadership books I have read. It is a concise and practical roadmap for developing leaders. Bryan Bennett defines leadership as a process rather than a position, with leaders being both “born and made”. He relates leadership to sports and makes a strong parallel to professional athletes who must train themselves to become even better.

The healthcare industry is facing dynamic change and sorely needs dynamic leaders to facilitate transformation. To develop yourself to be that kind of leader, one needs self-assessment, mentoring and practice. Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare is an excellent tool to hone God-given leadership skills and also help “make” leaders who have aptitude and desire. Bennett prescribes a process for daily leadership exercise. I believe he has found an elixir for making all of us better leaders.

I highly recommend you read and highlight this book.  The book’s title, Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare says it all.  Get the prescription and take it soon if you want to further your career and find success as a healthcare leader.  This book is a treasure.”
Jim Mattes, former President & CEO, Grande Ronde Hospital

“Identity drives all human behavior at work and in our personal life. These identities are our very personal “whys” in life. Bryan shows in simple and easy to understand examples how organizations have to get identity right or they’ll never achieve exceptional performance.”
Mitch Wasden, CEO, Iowa Total Care

“Hospitals are undertaking a profound digital transformation. Modernizing a system that emerged from pagers, print/fax/scan and kludgy EHRs simply cannot succeed without solid and knowledgeable leaders. In Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare, Mr. Bennett draws on his journey to becoming a leader as well as interviews with some of the most prominent executives in healthcare to map out the requisite traits, challenges, and technological trends such as analytics, EHRs and population health, that healthcare leaders and the industry needs. He also shares practicable advice for developing, living and practicing a leadership vision. Packed with lively and relatable sports analogies, Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare is a book readers will want to come back to again and again.”
Tom Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Healthcare IT News

Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare was just that. A prescription in best practices that early careerist and seasoned professionals could lean on in today’s shifting healthcare environment. The analogies were seamless and clearly portrayed with relatable content. From Self-Reflection to Mentoring, this book was a quick read with potent content. There were many applicable examples and a byproduct of this read spurred an internal conversation how I too could be a better leader. In a profession with many internal and external influences, it’s refreshing to have a book that pauses time just long enough to fan some flames of creatively. Well done.”
Victor Jackson, CEO, Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

“Reading the nuggets of leadership wisdom shared by the multiple leaders interviewed during the research for the book “Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare” made me feel as if I had been personally mentored by those leaders. That by itself is priceless.

I was also intrigued by the concept of The Professional Leadership Process™ that Professor Bennett outlines in his book. After following chapter by chapter each step of the process, let me tell you that I was pleasantly surprised by the straightforward and research-based approach he used to develop the process.

My own experience developing thousands of leaders in global organizations confirms that Professor Bennett’s approach is solid. I greatly appreciated the emphasis he placed on Reflection and Coaching/Mentoring as key differentiators that make the process “professional”. Trusting the process goes without saying.”
Rudy Lopez, Founder and President, Katapult Leadership Associates

“The book by Professor Bennett on healthcare leadership was a comprehensive view of the many factors that affect leaders in healthcare and their approach to problem solving from a proactive approach. He addresses many viewpoints that result in a single viewpoint. That viewpoint is that without effective leadership, you are bound to fail!  Professor Bennett’s work should be a must read for anyone aspiring towards leadership in a healthcare position. I fully recommend this read.”
Gary RichbergAdministrator, Pacific Rim Outpatient Surgery Center

“Professor Bennett does an excellent job providing the reader with deep healthcare leadership tactics and insight to help healthcare managers become more effective in the era of rapid change.”
Kenneth Waller, CEO, Amistad Community Health

“Healthcare leaders don’t need a prescription to get insight from Bryan Bennett’s book. His recommended innate qualities of empathy and humility provide a solid platform for self-reflection and leadership growth. Bennett encourages healthcare leaders to use stories and social media channels to increase brand awareness and trust with constituents. Practicing what he preaches, Bennett ends each chapter ends with a “Tale from the Leadership Front” which authentically illustrates the concepts discussed. My personal favorite is “Leadership Lessons from the Man with a Bow Tie.”
Dr. Michelle Kilbourne, Instructor, Professional Leadership Academy