Leadership Analytics 360 vs 360 Degree Appraisals

Leadership Analytics 360TM is not the same or a variation of the 360 Degree Appraisals used by many organizations. Leadership Analytics 360TM is exclusively focused on identifying and monitoring leadership behavior that produces actionable results for the individual and the organization. Additional differences are summarized in the following table:

LeadershipRMS 360Typical 360 Degree Review
Leadership Behavior FocusedBroad Performance Focused
Turnkey ImplementationComplicated Implementation
Produces Actionable FeedbackText-Based Feedback Not Always Actionable
Specific actionable information for organization to better utilize individualLimited Actionable Information for Organization
Broad Participant Population Minimizes RetributionLimited Participant Population Increases Retribution Possibility
Follow Up Coaching to Implement ResultsLimited or No Follow UP

Here are some articles that discuss the limitations of 360 Degree Feedback programs:

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