Leadership Impact Assessment Sample Results

The Leadership Impact Assessment can provide some very illuminating insights. Sample results from recent respondents, include:

High leadership potential and high leadership practice. 

This individual has all green bars, which indicates a high potential for leadership, i.e. humility to risk-taking dimensions and is also already practicing several steps of the leadership process. The recommendation would be to help them better understand the leadership process and how to practice it daily.

Low leadership potential and minimal leadership practice.

This individual has almost all red bars which indicates they may have low leadership potential and low leadership practice. A closer examination reveals that the first 3 leadership potential dimensions are 4.0 and above which indicates that this person does have some potential, but he or she was below the average for all respondents.

Even though the person’s leadership practice dimensions were below average compared to the population, these are all dimensions that could be improved with training. The best use of this information could be in prioritizing which employees to invest leadership training in since the results of any leadership training may take some time to be realized.

High leadership potential but low leadership practice.

This individual has all green bars for the potential leadership dimensions and red for almost all of the practicing dimensions. This means they have high potential for leadership and high awareness but aren’t putting it to use in daily practice. This person would be a prime candidate for learning the Professional Leadership Process and how to put it to use on a daily basis.

Leadership Growth Monitoring and Tracking

The results can also be tracked over time to monitor the individual’s leadership dimension improvement. The survey is usually taken before the course, then 3 months, 6 months and 12 months after the course has been completed. An improvement is expected in the Practice dimensions but could also be seen in the Potential dimensions as the individual becomes more self-aware of their leadership capabilities.

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