Onsite Elite Leadership Program

Leadership for a Lifetime!

The Elite Leadership Academy also offers the Elite Leadership Program with a 2-day onsite leadership program designed for leaders and aspiring leaders in all industries and a 1-day accelerated onsite course for senior leaders. The program teaches a unique, proven and comprehensive approach to leadership development which helps participants create a personalized, continuously-improving leadership plan for people at any level of the organization to follow. It’s like precision medicine for leadership.

The program follows the proprietary 5-step Elite Leadership Process™ detailed in the book and includes exercises designed to help participants:

  1. Assess their personal and leadership abilities using industry recognized assessment tools
  2. Create a leadership vision and execution plan
  3. Develop a short-term and long-term plan for regular reflection
  4. Identify and nurture mentor and coaching relationships
  5. Build a comprehensive, personalized, adaptable leadership plan

Each workshop participant will receive a copy of the book, Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare, as well as a workbook where they can document their leadership improvement journey both during the class and afterwards. As the process is continuously-improving, participants will want to return to the workbook to make adjusts in their assessments, update their leadership vision, documents their reflections and record coaching session outcomes.

Each program includes follow up coaching scheduled reassessments to track the participant’s progress and detailed in the 12-month leadership program schedule. To provide quality instruction and ongoing coaching, course sizes are limited to 24 participants (16 for the 1-day accelerated course).

This leadership improvement program is designed to be learned once and adaptable to almost any situation the leader or potential leader may encounter.

If you are ready to take your organization’s leadership to the professional level, click on the Detailed Course Description below and register for the last leadership improvement program you should ever need.

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