10 Questions to Determine if you Have a Results-Driven Leadership Program

A leadership program should be an asset for any organization to enroll their people in to drive growth. Too many of these programs are simply motivational speaking exercises without providing any clear direction on what the attendee should do when they walk out the door. A well-designed leadership program should motivate the attendees to become better leaders and provide them with the tools to implement a personalized leadership strategy. Once this is done, the organization should be able to measure quantifiable results from their investment.

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Featured Elite Level Leader – Wendell Davis

“Coaches have to put their team in the best position to be successful.”
– Wendell Davis
Former Chicago Bears Wide Receiver, Former San Francisco 49ers Assistant Coach & Current President of the NFLPA/RPFPC, Chicago Chapter

From the book, “The Path to Elite Level Leadership.“
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Learn the program. Be accountable. Improve your leadership!

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