Toxic leaders are like weeds in your garden or lawn. If you don’t remove them right away, they will infest your entire organization resulting in stifled growth, reduced morale and the departure of quality employees.

Toxic leaders are everywhere, whether organizations want to admit it or not. They can be found in organizations with as little as 100 employees or found in multitudes in larger ones. Unfortunately, they are usually ignored and allowed to choke the growth of those around them, namely, their subordinates and their peers. They are usually accepted and described in satisfactory terms such as hard-working, results-driven, or persistent. On the surface, these traits could describe great employees, but when taken to the extreme, they result in negative outcomes, such as abuse, intimidation and manipulation.


How Can Analytics Help to Identify Toxic Leaders?

Toxic leaders survive in organizations because they’re good at managing up. Therefore, you need a tool that assesses them by their peers, supervisor and direct reports. Analytics helps organizations identify toxic leaders because, if done properly, they are completely anonymous and data-driven. This eliminates potential retaliation that can occur with other types of assessments.

Why 360-Reviews Make it Difficult to Identify Toxic Leaders

Toxic leaders are difficult to find using typical 360-reviews because they are text-based which makes them not completely anonymous. This can lead to retaliation if the reviewer is completely truthful about the leader’s performance. That’s why we provide a quantitative tool to provide completely anonymous feedback to the leader in our LeadershipRMS 360 strategy.

Hunting for Toxic Leaders in Your Organization

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