Elite Leadership IMPACT Award

The ELA Elite Leadership IMPACT Award is presented to the person who best exemplifies the principles of Elite Leadership through the impact they make in their daily practice of leadership. This award is for leaders who are making an impact in their organization, an impact in their industry and an impact in their community. These are the exceptional leaders that people want to work for, people want to hear, and people want to know.

The Elite Leadership principles these leaders embody include:

  • Knowledge of who they are as a person and as a leader;
  • Awareness of those moments in their life that shaped them to become the leader they are;
  • A thorough understanding of the situational influences that impact leading their followers and the environment in which they lead;
  • An abundance of the innate leadership qualities of humility, empathy, vision and risk-taking;
  • A clear leadership vision that is articulated and embraced throughout the organization they lead;
  • Mastery of several leadership tools, including social media and storytelling;
  • A regular self-reflection strategy;
  • Active coaching and mentor relationships;
  • Demonstrated willingness to mentoring others;
  • A thirst for continuous leadership learning.

These principles represent a high bar for leaders to meet and are usually only present in those considered exceptional leaders. We are honored to present this award to such distinguished leaders.

With the publication of Professor Bennett’s new non-industry specific book, The Path to Elite Level Leadership, in Spring 2021, recipients were recognized in multiple industries.

2020 Award Recipients:

  • John D. Couris, President & CEO, Tampa General Hospital (Healthcare)
  • Robert B. Ford, President & CEO, Abbott (Business)
  • E. Gordon Gee, President, West Virginia University (Education)
  • Maya Moore, Founder, Win with Justice (Sports)
  • Tyler Perry, Founder, Tyler Perry Studios (Entertainment)

2019 Award Recipient:

Nominations for the 2021 Elite Leadership IMPACT Award
will be open from October 4, 2021 to February 11, 2022.
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