Course Syllabus

Course Description
This leadership course is designed for leaders and aspiring leaders in healthcare and other industries. The course teaches a unique, proven and comprehensive approach to leadership development which helps participants create a personalized, continuously-improving leadership plan for people at any level of the organization to follow. It’s like precision medicine for leadership. The 6-week course follows the proprietary 5-step Professional Leadership Process™ detailed in the book. This leadership improvement program is designed to be learned once and adaptable to almost any situation the leader or potential leader may encounter.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast the differences between professional leadership and other programs.
  2. Explain the 5-steps in the professional leadership process and how they interrelate to create better leaders.
  3. Construct a personal leadership plan based on an assessment of the individual’s innate qualities & abilities.
  4. Formulate a self-reflection plan that incorporates individual quiet-time and environment assessments.
  5. Identify current and potential mentors and coaches and plan for regular encounters.

Required Readings and Resources
Required Readings:
We will be using chapter from the book The Path to Elite Level Leadership as the course book.
Assigned and optional readings will be posted on the course site, including timely news articles and academic research that you will read in order to complete some assignments and participate in discussion forums.

Required Software
Access to a modern web browser.

Grading and Evaluation
Assignments will not receive a traditional numerical or alphabetic grade but feedback will be given on all discussions, assignments  and reflections. Turnaround will normally be within a week from the due date. You will be notified if turnaround will be longer than one week.

Course Technology
This course will involve a number of different types of interactions. These interactions will take place primarily through the course system. Please take the time to navigate through the course and become familiar with the course syllabus, structure, and content and review the list of resources below.

We will use GoToMeeting for synchronous meetings held according to the Course Schedule below throughout the course. Your instructor will send a reminder before the sync meetings will be held. Access to the sessions can be through a browser or their mobile app. Click on the “Get the GoToMeetings App” on the right at the top of the site.

Course Schedule
In the course schedule you will find a list of each module’s readings and resources and the assignments due. Links to videos, handouts, and other resources can be found on each Module’s Roadmap page throughout the course.

Each module begins on Monday. The rest of each module’s elements are due as follows:

Module ElementDue Day
Module StartTuesday
Live LectureTuesday, 7PM CST
Lecture Recording
Tuesday, Midnight CST