Module 1 Roadmap

Module 1 Overview

In this module, we will cover some important leadership foundational material. We will differentiate between the concept of leadership as a skill versus leadership as a process. We will also discuss what research indicates are the innate qualities of leadership and why the best leaders are born with many of these qualities. Lastly, you’ll evaluate the leadership influences present in your current situation.

 Learning Objectives

  1. Compare and contrast the differences between professional leadership and other programs.
  2. Define the various components of the leadership definition.
  3. Explain the 5-steps in the professional leadership process and how they interrelate to create better leaders.

Assigned Reading


From The Path to Elite Level Leadership by Bennett, J. Bryan (2021)

1 – Leadership is a Process – Not a Skill
3 – The Professional Leadership Process


Assigned Multimedia (Optional)

None this module


Short Essay 1:  The Professional Process

Assignment 1.1:  Innate Qualities of Leadership

Assignment 1.2:  Leadership Influences

Reflection 1: The Professional Leadership Process