San Diego TechHub Leadership Training Program

Welcome Conduits! The Elite Leadership Academy has partnered with the San Diego Tech Hub to provide an affordable leadership development program to its members. Instead of paying the full amount for one of our training programs all at once, We’ve created a 12-month leadership development program, paid for monthly, with several benefits not available in our traditional programs. The additional benefits result in an over 70% savings on the cost of our training.

The Elite Leadership Training Program is an individualized, continuously-improving leadership development program based on an individual’s innate qualities, personality and abilities that is practiced every day incorporating regular reflection and coaching. The leadership development approach used in this program is based on decades of research and follows the Elite Leadership Process™. It is designed to be learned once and adaptable to almost any situation the leader or potential leader may encounter, while also producing measurable results.

The program teaches a unique, proven and comprehensive approach to leadership development which helps participants create a personalized, continuously-improving leadership plan for people at any level of the organization to follow. It’s like precision medicine for leadership.

To provide quality instruction and ongoing coaching, each program cohort is limited to 20 participants (10 minimum). Multiple cohorts may take place during the same week or month.

Leadership Program Overview
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Assessments & Reassessments

The program begins with a personality assessment using the Gallup Strengths assessment to help the leader better understand who they are as a person. The program continues with our proprietary Leadership IMPACT AssessmentTM tool which analyzes how the participant embraces various leadership behaviors.

Participants will complete a reassessment with 3 one-on-one debriefings over the course of the program to track their leadership improvement and identify any challenges they may be facing in embracing the leadership training.


The program uses the book, “The Path to Elite Level Leadership,” authored by Professor Bryan Bennett. This book walks through the steps in the Elite Leadership Process and provides a firm foundation for leadership improvement.

The program also includes the “Elite Leadership Training Practice Workbook” for use during the course to document their leadership improvement journey both during the class and afterwards. As the process is continuously-improving, participants will want to return to the workbook to make adjusts in their assessments, update their leadership vision, documents their reflections and record coaching session outcomes.


The interactive training course is in-person and delivered over 3-months to allow the participants an opportunity to incorporate the learnings from each course’s 6 modules. Overall, the course objectives are as follows:

  1. Compare and contrast the differences between elite leadership and other programs.
  2. Explain the 5-steps in the Elite Leadership ProcessTM and how they interrelate to create better leaders.
  3. Construct a personal leadership plan based on an assessment of the individual’s innate qualities & abilities.
  4. Formulate a self-reflection plan that incorporates individual quiet-time and environment assessments.
  5. Identify current and potential mentors and coaches and plan for regular encounters.


Each program includes formal one-on-one debriefing coaching online sessions after the completion of each post-course scheduled reassessments to track the participant’s progress. Additionally, unlimited informal coaching is available via e-mail or phone anytime during the program.

Leadership Discussions / Presentations

The program also includes 2 leadership presentations and discussions led by Professor Bennett. These sessions are designed to reinforce the concepts and provide additional examples of their applications in real life.


An important aspect of the program is the peer networking before and after each training session. Participants will be able to talk to others about leadership situations they may have encountered, as well as talk to the instructor or guest speaker for some additional insights.

Leadership Program Overview
Leadership Training Program Monthly Schedule | Leadership Training Program Sign-Up