Featured Elite Level Leader – Chris Van Gorder

No matter which approach you take to leadership, it’s important to be authentic to who you are.
– Chris Van Gorder
President & CEO of Scripps Health
From the book, “The Path to Elite Level Leadership.“

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Why it’s a Path to Elite Level Leadership

People often ask me why it is a Path to Elite Level Leadership. I tell them, it’s a path because not everyone will travel it. Everyone will not become an Elite Level Leader. It’s like experiencing a:

  • Championship or MVP athlete
  • Award winning performer
  • World-renowned surgeon or economist
  • 5-star chef

Just as a journey may start on a 4-lane highway. It then narrows to a 2-lane road. Eventually, it it is reduced to a path as there are fewer and fewer travelers.

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4th Principle of Professional Leadership

The 4th Principle of Professional Leadership is “An abundance of the innate leadership qualities of humility, empathy, vision and risk-taking (and the instinct when to use each).”

Although everyone can be taught leadership, the best leaders have that little something extra that sets them apart. That ‘something extra’ component is usually a number of innate leadership qualities, some that can be taught, but the best leaders have an abundance of these qualities innately. The more innate qualities a leader has, the higher their leadership ceiling which is what separates a good leader from an elite level leader.