Why it’s a Path to Elite Level Leadership

People often ask me why it is a Path to Elite Level Leadership. I tell them, it’s a path because not everyone will travel it. Everyone will not become an Elite Level Leader. It’s like experiencing a:

  • Championship or MVP athlete
  • Award winning performer
  • World-renowned surgeon or economist
  • 5-star chef

Just as a journey may start on a 4-lane highway. It then narrows to a 2-lane road. Eventually, it it is reduced to a path as there are fewer and fewer travelers.

The same is true of Elite Level Leadership. Many may start out on the journey, but only a few will truly reach the Elite Level. This is not a knock against anyone, it’s just the way it is. We all can’t be Elite Level Leaders. The world doesn’t work that way.

We all recognize when we’ve encountered an Elite Level Leader. It’s like watching a great sports performance, eating a great meal at a fine restaurant or watching a great movie. You know right away you are experiencing something or someone special.

Even though everyone will not become an Elite Level Leader, learning and practicing the process and improvement techniques will make you a better leader regardless of what you do or your organization level. So, get on the path today. Elite Level Leadership is a journey worth taking.

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