Why it’s a Path to Elite Level Leadership

People often ask me why it is a Path to Elite Level Leadership. I tell them, it’s a path because not everyone will travel it. Everyone will not become an Elite Level Leader. It’s like experiencing a:

  • Championship or MVP athlete
  • Award winning performer
  • World-renowned surgeon or economist
  • 5-star chef

Just as a journey may start on a 4-lane highway. It then narrows to a 2-lane road. Eventually, it it is reduced to a path as there are fewer and fewer travelers.

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Meeting the Leadership G.O.A.T., Ken Blanchard

Honored to meet the leadership G.O.A.T. Ken Blanchard at the San Diego Leadership Forum Summit this morning. I read Ken’s first book, “The One Minute Manager” in 1982. He has since authored or co-authored 60 books, mostly on or related to leadership.

I wanted to meet Ken since I learned The Ken Blanchard Companies was based here in San Diego, but COVID hit and I waited to reach out to him. I got the chance to meet him this morning and am looking forward to further discussions and sharing my upcoming leadership book with him. Thanks for your great remarks during the summit. It’s something we all need to hear more of today.

Use 2020 Foresight for Your Leadership Improvement in 2020

Don’t wait until this time next year to realize what you should have done to improve your leadership in 2020. At the end of each year, we tend to reflect on the goals we haven’t met or the achievements we didn’t make. Instead of having 2020 hindsight, use 2020 foresight and plan what steps you will take to improve your leadership in 2020.

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