The 3 Reasons You Need a Leadership Resources Management Solution Right Now!

If your organization has not already implemented a leadership resources management solution (LRMS), here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t wait another day.

An LRMS is a data-driven approach to managing an organization’s leadership resources. It enables more informed decisions in promotions, assignments, retention and hiring and is supported by an assessment tool that produces quantifiable, repeatable and unbiased results. It replaces subjective interviews, relationship-based promotions and selections and can be the difference between keeping and losing your best leaders, the difference between identifying and missing high potential hires, and the difference between promoting people based on leadership potential or on prior functional success.

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Managing Situational Influences for Maximum Leadership Effectiveness

Situational awareness and adaptability are the keys to effective leadership. It involves recognizing and adapting to the various influences present in any leadership encounter. Situational awareness or instinct is not something most leaders are born with but is something that evolves over time as the Leader increases in experience.

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Leadership Analytics 101

Leadership analytics is critical to an organization’s continued growth and success. It can be the difference between keeping and losing your best leaders, the difference between identifying and missing high potential hires, and the difference between promoting people based on leadership potential or based on prior functional success. Each of these could have dire consequences for an organization.

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Leadership Development Programs Need to Be More Accountable

Many believe that leadership growth is not something that can be quantifiably measured . Leadership experts regularly expound on how well their leadership development training works without any proof to substantiate their claims. When asked about how they know it works, the answers typically fall into 2 categories, “We can tell” or the dreaded, “We believe it worked.” Neither of these are acceptable to an organization or an individual that has spent their time and money for the training. With the right tool, a well-designed leadership development training program can easily be quantifiably measured.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”
– Peter Drucker

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What is the Path to Elite Level Leadership?

We all know when we are around an elite leader. They are the ones who light up a room by their mere presence. They are the exceptional leaders that people want to work for, people want to hear speak, and people want to know. It’s easy to identify elite leaders by talking to the people that work for and with them. If you listen closely, you’ll here how much of an impact they make in their organization. Their people will readily run through a wall for them. If you can’t meet them in person, read about them on social media. They’ll be the ones not just with the most ‘Likes’, but with the most comments about them from people who currently and previously work for them, which shows their engagement.

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Reflecting on 2021 and Preparing for 2022

Each January, I like to reflect on what I accomplished in the last year and how those actions have prepared me for the upcoming year.

Reflecting on 2021

Last year was a very big year for me and my leadership training. I had more than enough work to keep me busy. I also wrote new courses on visualizations and storytelling for a couple of universities. I spoke virtually for several conferences and webinars during the year. The highlight was “Ten [Healthcare] Leadership Lessons from the Hamilton Musical” I presented for AMN Healthcare. It was a topic I had been contemplating for a few months and happy to have a chance to develop and present it. It was well received by their participants and has been presented to other healthcare and non-healthcare organizations throughout the year with great reviews.

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The 5 Critical Gaps in Your Leadership Development

There’s an old advertising adage that goes, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” What’s true in advertising is probably even worse for most leadership development programs. Organizations spend over $3.5 billion dollars on leadership development worldwide each year. Unfortunately, much of this money is wasted because a wrong or incomplete approach to leadership development is chosen that doesn’t lead to sustained leadership growth. Based on decades of research, human behavior analysis and personal teaching experience, there are 5 critical gaps in most leadership development programs.

Selected as a featured post in Writing on LinkedIn

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This is a great article about Johnese Spisso, President of UCLA Health. The article recounts her incredible leadership origin story and her commitment to inclusivity and mentorship. It’s definitely a must read.

We added this article to our Leadership Resources Library, with it becoming the only article featured in 3 categories: stories, mentoring and diversity & inclusion. Check it out in our library.


Crisis Leadership Content Now in the Leadership Resource Library

“True leadership is revealed in the time of a crisis!”
– J. Bryan Bennett

In 2020, leaders were challenged by numerous crises, including a global pandemic, racial injustice and changing business models. This has been a stressful time for the many executives I regularly talk to and for many of the people who work for them.

That’s why we decided to add “Leading During a Crisis” and “Leading With Diversity & Inclusion” categories to the “Special Leadership Topics” section of our Leadership Resource Library. Like all of our categories, these libraries include some of the top leadership resources curated from leading online sources. Try it out today with a free 30-day trial. Just click on the link for more information.

Assessing Leadership Impact

Since 2016, the Healthcare Center of Excellence, through its leadership training arm, the Professional Leadership Academy, has been using the Leadership IMPACT Assessment to evaluate the potential and practice of leadership as well as monitor leadership improvement over time. This proprietary tool was developed by incorporating multiple disciplines to evaluate leadership behavior. Its measurable results have successfully been utilized in onsite and online Professional Leadership Training classes and it was the subject of a 2019 case study.

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