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What Most People Get Wrong About Diversity & DEI, Elite Leadership Academy, October 19, 2023. Ever since the Supreme Court overturned the use of affirmative action in college admissions earlier this year, organizations have been abandoning their DEI programs and Chief Diversity Officers at an alarming rate. There are a variety of reasons for this, but mostly because of how diversity and DEI has been positioned.

The 5 Rules Leaders Need to Follow to Create Belonging at Work, Fast Company, September 26, 2023. Most leaders think about belonging as yet another squishy, amorphous concept more easily relegated to Human Resources than as a function under the vision, direction, and responsibility of the C-suite. Think about belonging as the bedrock of organizational performance and employee commitment.

Leading Through Challenges: Nurturing a Supportive Team from the CEO’s Perspective, CEOWORLD magazine, October 1, 2023. This CEO has had the privilege of leading remarkable teams through both calm waters and turbulent seas. While the former can be enjoyable, it is during challenging times that true leadership shines. Navigating storms and ensuring that your team remains supportive and motivated is a vital aspect of leadership. In this article, she shares her perspective on leading during challenging times and fostering a supportive team environment.

Larger-Than-Life Leadership Is Dangerous: Adopt Small But Powerful Actions Instead, Forbes, October 2, 2023. Leaders often feel pressure to make significant, sweeping changes to demonstrate effectiveness in today’s fast-paced world. Successfully tackling complex, wicked challenges requires leaders to give up grand gestures and heroics for less flashy, small-scale actions that increase their potential for profound impact.

Halt Impostor Syndrome Before It Happens, MIT Sloan Management Review, September 26, 2023. Strong performers can start to doubt their own competence when managers fail to recognize the impacts of harmful workplace practices and policies.


The 4 Hallmarks of Effective Remote Leadership, Fast Company, September 30, 2023. The responsibilities of a leader have undergone significant changes over the past five years. With the shift from traditional conference rooms to remote work arrangements, leaders are still struggling to find the most viable ways to maintain personal connections with their teams, effectively manage activities, and reach collective goals. Although remote work offers greater flexibility and often leads to increased productivity, it also poses challenges regarding effective leadership.

The Role of Culture in Enabling Change, MIT Sloan Management Review, October 4, 2023. Culture is often described as “how we do things around here” — a passive reflection of legacy norms and behaviors. It’s more helpful to think of culture as the nervous system of an organization. In biology, the central nervous system is the pathway by which thoughts in our brains are translated into actions by our muscles, and how our experience of acting in the world updates our brain’s understanding of the world.

Are you Ready for Executive Coaching?, SmartBrief, October 5, 2023. Executive coaching is the process of self-discovery. We all can benefit from learning more about ourselves and exploring ways to improve ourselves. An executive coach — one hired from the outside — can be a resource that helps others see themselves more clearly. Additionally, executives can learn how colleagues see them by gaining feedback from colleagues. 



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