Leadership IMPACT Team Assessment Overview

Executive Summary
We developed an instrument to better measure and monitor the results of leadership improvement training undertaken by individuals. The instrument, called the  Leadership IMPACT Assessment (LIA), was developed from the key concepts from the books, Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare (PLIH) and The Path to Professional Leadership (PTPL), which detail a personalized, comprehensive, process-driven approach to leadership improvement.

The assessment examines leadership along 9 dimensions summarized into two categories: the Potential for Leadership and the Practice of Leadership. When used in conjunction with the Professional Leadership Training course, it enables the participant to assess where they are before the course and tracks their improvement progress after the conclusion of the course. By quantifying the improvement results, it also helps measure the return on investment of the leadership improvement program.

The LIA is completed through the use of a 25-question survey using a 7-point Likert scale to address the 9-dimensions to be measured, which are:

  1. Humility
  2. Empathy
  3. Vision
  4. Risk-Taking
  5. Assessing
  6. Visioning
  7. Living
  8. Reflecting
  9. Coaching

These dimensions are summarized into Potential for leadership (1 to 4) and the Practice of leadership (5 to 9). As related in the PLIH & PTPL books, leaders must have some innate qualities which provides them with a higher leadership ceiling. Some of this can be directly improved upon with training and more leadership concept awareness, but a solid floor must exist for the leader to reach their full potential. With an established floor and ceiling, the leader needs to refine their leadership by practicing a leadership process every day.