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8 Ways Aspiring Leaders Can Establish Executive Presence At Work, Forbes, August 27, 2023. We commonly associate the term “executive presence” with middle- to senior-aged male bosses who carry an air of authority as they stride across their 85th floor offices, dictating to employees, with their stereotypical prototype appearance of leadership. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Power Of The ‘Double-Check’, Chief Executive Group, September 12, 2023. There’s an overlooked yet profoundly impactful practice that distinguishes exceptional leaders from the rest. It’s their commitment to double–checking — a simple yet potent habit that permeates a leader’s approach to their work.

Some Employees are Destroying Value. Others are Building it. Do you Know the Difference?, McKinsey & Company, September 11, 2023. More than half of employees report being relatively unproductive at work. New research into six types of employees shows how companies can re-engage workers while amplifying the impact of star performers.

Warren Buffett’s Classic Genie Story Is a Great Lesson in Taking Care of Your Mental Health, Inc. Magazine, September 11, 2023. In the Warren Buffett biography The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life, the Oracle of Omaha shares a very Buffett-like fable about a genie that appeared to him at age 16 and offered him the car of his choice.

What’s Worse Than a ‘Toxic’ Workplace? One That Gaslights Employees, George Mason University – School of Business, September 12, 2023. These days, we hear a lot about “toxic bosses,” “toxic companies,” and the like. It’s easy to forget that non-toxicity is not all we want from an employer. If we’re really honest, most of us want to be part of an organization where working relationships are consistently healthy and supportive. Our dream company would also be a place where advancement opportunities were available to all, not only those who regularly have lunch or go golfing with the right people.


Do You Know When To Shift Your Leadership Style? Guidelines For Agile Leaders, Forbes, September 10, 2023. Imagine you’re on a leaking ship. Do you command everyone to follow your orders precisely, or assemble a team to innovate and construct a makeshift raft? What contextual information would you need to know to determine how to lead? Your answer reveals much about your views of leadership. If you are similar to many modern leaders, you will fall back on your favored leadership style, regardless of the contextual details.

A CEO’s Guide To Knowing The Difference Between Wearing New Clothes And No Clothes, Chief Executive Group, September 12, 2023. “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a timeless children’s tale about what can happen when an arrogant leader hears only what he wants to hear and insists on being surrounded by people who will not challenge him. As the story’s plot unfolds, it becomes a dark comedy of humiliation, failure and weakness centered around one person who has no awareness that he is the source of many problems — not only for himself but also for the many people who blindly follow him.

Richard Branson Says What Separates Great Leaders From the Pack Simply Comes Down to 2 Words, Inc. Magazine, September 13, 2023. Few figures command the attention and admiration quite like Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group. The billionaire high school dropout is known for his adventurous and risk-taking nature and for taking bold steps to try new things. Branson is also known for being authentic and approachable. He doesn’t put on a corporate façade.



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