How to Use Your Leadership Superpowers (podcast)

Let’s face it, we’d all like to think we’re great leaders, but thinking isn’t getting and I’ve heard managers admit that deep inside, they have doubts about their ability to lead. Our guest today, Professor Bryan Bennett,  believes that inside of every manager there can be Superpowers if tapped and nurtured. In this program with host Jim Obermayer, Professor Bennett tells us why you have superpowers that can be accessed and appreciated by your team. Professor Bennett is an author, professor, consultant and data scientist.

  • What are leadership superpowers?
  • How did you arrive at this concept?
  • How many of these superpowers does a leader need to have to be effective?
  • Explain how leaders can obtain these superpowers?
  • Who are some of the leaders you’ve met who possess some of these superpowers?
  • Are there any limitations to these superpowers?

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