Tyler is a world-renowned producer, director, actor, screenwriter, playwright, author, songwriter, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He learned early on the value of reflecting in his life. After enduring a difficult childhood, he discovered the therapeutic benefits of journaling while watching an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. These painful reflections became the foundation for his first play, “I Know I’ve Been Changed,” which he wrote, produced, directed, starred in and rewrote until the show was opening to packed theaters and rave reviews.

Embracing journaling helped Tyler to better understand, unload and heal, but it is also used as a leadership tool to help leaders prepare for future challenges. When Tyler looks back at what he faced in the past, he is inspired and encouraged with his future. This understanding of his past is probably what drives his philanthropic work. Tyler has built a filmmaking empire as well as a humanitarian one.

Learn more about Tyler and his practice of leadership and humanitarian work.

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