Congratulations to Elite Leadership IMPACT Award recipient, John Couris, President & CEO of Tampa General Hospital (TGH). His mission is to make TGH the safest and most innovative academic health system in America. As a leader in the health care industry, John has achieved success through innovation, technological integration and strategic collaborations.

John connects with his people through observation and communication. He regularly shadows his staff, not in a suit, but in the uniform appropriate for the team he is shadowing. He has worked hours at a time in nursing, as well as cleaned floors and toilets and done rounds with residents and professors. He has also worked with phlebotomists, delivered meals and transported patients to keep in touch with his team by ‘walking in their shoes.’

He is also a firm believer in the power of communication as he regularly communicates with his team, the community and the healthcare industry through frequent social media posts and articles in a variety of publications.

Learn more about John and his practice of leadership.

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