About the Instructor

Bryan Bennett has been an adjunct professor since 2008. He has developed and taught analytics, leadership and marketing courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels, both online and in the classroom.

Professor Bennett discussing leadership during one of the Professional Leadership Training onsite programs.
Professor Bennett discussing concepts during an onsite training class.

He has taught at:

  • Northwestern University (2015 to Present)
  • Judson University (2009 to Present)
  • University of Chicago (2017 to 2018)
  • West Virginia University (2008 to 2016)

His leadership classes were rated very highly by his students. In addition to highly rated individual classes, his leadership classes were rated higher than the other leadership classes taught at the school. In fact, they were rated higher than all other courses taught at the school during the same term.

He is also a master storyteller who uses stories to help illustrate concepts in the classroom, presentations and with clients. In the Analytics Communication and Visualization class he teaches at Northwestern, he teaches students how to create a visual story from their data analysis based on the audience they would present to.

In addition to teaching organizational leadership courses, he has mentored a number of students from healthcare, business, law enforcement, retail and hospitality industries.

Professor Bennett is also a Certified Adjunct Faculty Educator by SoCAFE and a Certified Applying the Quality Matters Online Facilitator by Quality Matters.

He is the author several books and articles, including Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare:  Curing the Challenges Facing Today’s Healthcare Leaders. The book is based on Professor Bennett’s insights from years of leadership research, leadership course instruction, six sigma process improvement and his personal leadership journey. It presents a unique, proven and comprehensive approach to leadership development, creating a personalized, continuously-improving leadership game plan for people at any level of the organization to follow.