The Elite Leadership Academy Announces New Leadership Resources Management Solution, LeadershipRMS™, to Help Organizations Mitigate the Impact of the Current Workforce Disruptions.

San Diego, CA, November 4, 2022 – Organizations need to be proactive in light of current workforce trends, such as the Great Resignation or Quiet Quitting. In disruptive environments, organizations tend to lose their best leaders as they are usually the most marketable. LeadershipRMS™ helps to mitigate the impact.

LeadershipRMS™ is a data-driven approach to managing an organization’s leadership resources. It replaces subjective interviews, relationship-based promotions and selections with a quantifiable, repeatable and unbiased leadership management process. It helps identify leadership challenges at the organization, team and individual levels by:

  • Identifying an organization’s best leaders in order to develop better strategies to retain them as well as grow and monitor the next level of leaders.
  • Identifying teams with toxic or unbalanced leadership situations enabling the organization to take steps to minimize the loss of valuable team members due to mismanagement.
  • Identifying gaps in individual leader’s practice of leadership and providing coaching to guide them to improvement.

In addition to better leadership resources management, LeadershipRMS™ helps in other management areas, such as:

  • Removing or minimizing bias in the leadership selection, promotion, assignment and hiring processes.
  • Better management of the human resources pipeline of prospective leaders.
  • Improving diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives by providing a quantifiable means to ensuring equal access.

LeadershipRMS™ is powered by the proprietary Leadership IMPACT Assessment™, a multi-discipline, behavior-based tool that assesses an individual’s potential for and practice of leadership. LeadershipRMS™ goes beyond measuring leadership to provide a solution for managing a team or organization’s entire leadership resources.

The tool was developed by the Academy and successfully used in its leadership development programs for the last six years. The anonymized data from all who have taken the assessment forms the population averages to which individuals are compared to for context comparison.

According to J. Bryan Bennett, Founder and Chief Leadership Innovation Officer of the Academy, “Organizations spend considerable resources on leadership development programs, but little, if any, on actively managing the leadership resources they’ve trained.”

LeadershipRMS™ can also replace 360° reviews with a leadership-focused, quantifiable tool with turnkey implementation and actionable feedback as part of the Team Gap Assessment. Typical 360° reviews tend to be challenging to implement and require a substantial time investment to summarize text-based responses, some of which may not be actionable. The LeadershipRMS™ standard includes reviews by a leader’s direct reports, peers and supervisor. Besides population average comparisons and team gap assessments, reports also include comparisons by department, division, location and/or organization level.

“This solution represents a significant shift in the way organizations manage their leadership resources. I was part of the early CRM days when companies focused on satisfying and growing their best customers. They should manage their leaders in the same way. After all, a great customer’s impact is a ripple compared to the impact a great leader can make on an organization. Measuring leadership was the challenge we solved six years ago, now we want to make it actionable and help better manage leadership resources,” stated Mr. Bennett.

The Academy is currently scheduling clients for 2023. To learn more about the solution, and to schedule a presentation, please visit

About the Company

The Elite Leadership Academy, a privately funded training and advisory organization dedicated to the improvement of leadership in all industries and organization levels using a personalized, process-based approach that is adaptable to almost any leadership encounter with measurable results. The Elite Leadership Training program he developed is based on a proven and measurable approach to leadership development. This approach has been presented and taught to leaders in corporations, healthcare, the military and law enforcement.

Mr. Bennett is an internationally recognized leadership development innovator. His work has been recognized by several organizations, including Becker’s Healthcare, which named him as one of the “Top African-American Leaders in Healthcare” for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

He is the author several leadership books and articles, including The Path to Elite Level Leadership: The 5-Step Program for Measurable Leadership Improvement and Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare:  Curing the Challenges Facing Today’s Healthcare Leaders. Both books are based on Mr. Bennett’s insights from years of leadership research, leadership course instruction, six sigma process improvement and his personal leadership journey. It presents a unique, measurable and comprehensive approach to leadership development, creating a personalized, continuously improving leadership game plan for people at any level of the organization to follow.

He is an adjunct faculty member at Northwestern University where he teaches, researches and develops courses in analytics, visualizations, storytelling and marketing. He formulated his Elite Leadership Process™ as a faculty member for Judson University’s leading Organizational Leadership Program.


Elite Leadership Academy, LLC.
J. Bryan Bennett
Founder & Chief Leadership Innovation Officer

RELEASE DATE: November 4, 2022


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