Is Your Leadership Program Missing a Piece?

It is if it doesn’t include a leadership resources management solution to help your organization identify and segment their leadership resources using a quantifiable, repeatable and unbiased assessment tool. It can be the difference between keeping and losing your best leaders, the difference between identifying and missing high potential hires, and the difference between promoting people based on leadership potential or based on prior functional success or relationships.

The impact of using LeadershipRMSTM in your organization can be far-reaching, including:

  • Quantifiably identifying an organization’s best leaders with accompanying strategies for better retention
  • Removing or minimizing bias in your leadership selection, promotion and hiring processes
  • Better management of the human resources pipeline of prospective leaders
  • Improving diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives by providing a quantifiable means to providing equal access
  • Quantifying a return on investment for leadership development programs

LeadershipRMSTM is powered by the proprietary Leadership IMPACT Assessment, a multi-discipline, behavior-based tool that assess an individual’s potential for and practice of leadership. LeadershipRMSTM goes beyond measuring leadership to provide a solution for managing a team or organization’s entire leadership resources.

Use all the pieces for a complete leadership program by:

LeadershipRMSTM Overview | Individual LeadershipRMSTM
Team LeadershipRMSTM | Organization LeadershipRMSTM
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